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Dynamic-Surface Kites

Dynamic-surface kites are kites in which wind is an integral part of the structure of the kite. Unlike single-surface or multi-surface kites which are completely rigid, dynamic-surface kites get part or all of their shape from the air pushing against the sail. Kites in this category include: delta, sled, parafoil, Rogallo and Chinese dragon kite. The shape and apparent dimensions of these kites change when the wind pushes on it and the sail becomes three-dimensional. These kites all have flexible sections or soft sails, which the wind inflates or extends to make it taunt.  They may or may not have framing pieces depending on the type.


This is the least popular type of kite to be made into miniatures. They can be difficult to fly indoors using a flying stick as they require a constant flow of wind in order to hold the proper shape. Frequently when made as miniatures the sail material is on the stiff side and shaped to at least partially hold the proper shape even without wind. Complicated multiple bridles required for parafoils, Rogallos and Chinese dragons are extremely challenging in small sizes, as is the cell structure of a parafoil. Displaying dynamic-surface kites is also a challenge as the kites can look very different when not in flight.

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