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MKG Scale For Sizing Kites



 fits in a cube

Nano.4 inch 
 10 mm 
 Micro .75 inch 
 29 mm
 Thumb 1.5 inches
 38 mm
 Palm 3 inches
 76 mm
 Hand 6 inches 152 mm 
 Magnum* 12 inches
 305 mm



The scale is determined by placing the kite in a cube per the scale above. Placing the kite diagonally in the cube is valid.


For example - a Nano kite must fit inside a .4 inch cube. A plane surface (flat) kite that is .5 inches by .4 inches would fit inside a Nano scale cube on the diagonal and thus would still be a Nano sized kite.


* A plane surface Magnum kite could be as large as 16 inches x 12 inches; by many definitions a kite with any dimension that is over 12 inches is not considered "miniature". However even Charlie Sotich occasionally made kites in the upper size range of a Magnum miniature kite. Miniature Kite competition usually do not allow kites larger than Hand sized.

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