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Single-Surface Kites

Single-surface kites have a sail that is in one geometric plane; such as flat or bowed kites.  Single-surface kites may have a keel. Kites in this category include: diamond, Eddy, Malay, Rokkakus, Edo, star, barn door, English arch type, fighter, Sode, butterfly, Hata, cocktail napkin kites, paper-cut figure kites and many more. Single-surface kites are rigid, either because the sail material itself is rigid or because there is a frame connected to the sail to provide the rigidity.


This is the most prevalent type of kite; especially when looking at miniature kites. Variations run the gambit from extremely easy to challenging to construct. This kite is easy to customize and create infinite variations.

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Tip of the week
Alligator clip tabletop picture holders make a simple helping hand to hold your kite while working.  Put a small piece of folded tag board or heavy paper over the edge of the kite where it slips into the clip to make sure the alligator teeth don't hurt your sail.