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Sharing the Joy with Miniature Kites

Miniature Kite Guild

        is the place for all things dealing with miniature kites.


  It is a place to

          - share your kites,

          - learn about kites,

          - meet kite makers,

          - learn to make your own kites,

          - chat with your fellow kiter 

          - or find kites for your collection.


Long Term Goals

  • answer the question .... how many kites did Charlie Sotich make?  By collecting the largest photo gallery of Charlie made kites.

  • expand the number of miniature kite makers and collectors around the world by providing the tools and information needed by others to join in our hobby.

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Tip of the week
Old fashioned double-edged razor blades (the kind used in your grandfathers razor) are sharper then craft blades and are great for cutting thin Mylars, films and plastic wrap.