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Donate a Mini-kite to a Kite Auction - Archive

Date Festival Orangizer Location Type
26 Jul 2009 - 26 Jul 2009 BASKL at Berkely Kite Festival Bay Area Sport Kite League California Silent Auction
22 Aug 2009 - 22 Aug 2009 World Kite Museum Auction at WSIKF World Kite Museum Washington Combined Auction(s) and Raffle(s)
09 Oct 2009 AKA Great Kite Auction American Kitefliers Association USA Combined Auction(s) and Raffle(s)

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Tip of the week
Alligator clip tabletop picture holders make a simple helping hand to hold your kite while working.  Put a small piece of folded tag board or heavy paper over the edge of the kite where it slips into the clip to make sure the alligator teeth don't hurt your sail.