Rules and Guidelines for the MKG Forum

This forum is a friendly place to discuss miniature kites and other related kiting topics. These rules and guidelines are designed to enhance your user experience.

Guidelines and Forum Etiquette

  • Reading the postings are open to anyone, including guests.† Only MKG members can post to the forum.† Registering at MKG is quick and easy if you are a guest and would like to actively participate in a forum topic.
  • Search the forum for a thread on the topic you want to discuss before posting your new thread. Duplicate threads may be deleted without warning or remorse.
  • Don't dig up old threads, they have died for a reason.
  • When embedding links in your post, please use the tags to make the link clickable, as this makes everyone's browsing experience more fun.
  • Post the thread once in the most appropriate place.Please do not cross-post in multiple topics.

General Rules

  • No Spam: Chain letters and pyramid schemes are prohibited. Postings that do not fit within the mission of MKG are likewise prohibited.
  • Limited Advertising: Announcing a new miniature kite related product that may be helpful to the members is ok. Mentioning a product you use in response to a question is ok. Letting the members know you have a miniature kite for sale on Ebay (or else where) is ok. Posts for commercial products that have nothing to do with miniature kites are strictly prohibited. Continually making posts for a product, even if it is kite related, is not allowed. This includes routine posting of sales on a commercial website. Advertising of groups is not allowed - if you wish to advertise them, please put a link in your signature.
  • No Flaming: Any material which constitutes harassment, defamation, abuse or is rude is strictly prohibited. Use common sense while posting. Don't post something about someone else if you would not want the same said about you.
  • No Offensive Content: Material that is sexually or otherwise obscene, racist, or otherwise discriminatory is not permitted on this forum. This includes user pictures. Use common sense.
  • Illegal Content: Postings which violate US or International copyrights are prohibited. Please donít steal the intellectual property of others.
  • Copyright and ownership: Forum messages are owned by the poster.
  • Any behavior deemed inappropriate will be moderated at the moderator's discretion.
  • MKG reserves the right to remove any post, at any time, or to restrict access of any user.

This forum has a ban function, and if you're banned from the forums, you're banned from the entire site, and your profile will be rendered inaccessible or deleted.

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